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The College of Human Development intends to develop a competency-based digital humanities curriculum for its undergraduate degree program, with a learner-centered approach and a focus on professional skills.(SDGs: quality education)

The curriculum will incorporate both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, combining research-based and applied approaches, with an emphasis on active learning and adaptability. The program, centered around the College, aims to enhance students’ competitiveness in the job market.


1. Digital Foreign Language and Literature, and Translation


Utilizing information technology to provide language teaching methods that are more diverse compared to traditional teaching methods, becoming a provider of digital English content, strengthening students’ language teaching abilities and practical skills. Coupled with the digital technology training of this degree program, the goal is to enter the industry with a professional identity in new digital language teaching and acquire more career options with development potential.


2. Digital Special Education and Assistance


The integration of digital technology can help develop special education digital teaching materials and aids that are different from traditional teaching materials and aids. This can strengthen special education students’ curriculum design, teaching, teaching material and aid production, and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, with the assistance of digital technology, it is hoped that the self-learning ability, learning motivation, and effectiveness of special needs students can be improved. Compared to the professional development of general teachers, coupled with the digital technology training of this degree program, special education students will be more competitive in the job market and have more career options.


3. Digital Chinese Language Research and Learning


This program aims to strengthen the training of advanced Chinese language teachers, regional Chinese academic research, and the development of digital Chinese language technology. In addition to emphasizing basic training in language expression for students learning Chinese, the program aims to cultivate students’ cross-disciplinary collaborative workplace abilities, particularly in the context of the trend towards digitization.

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